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Special Operations

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One weekend can change your life.

In this one-weekend event, we are opening up the curtains of the Special Operations world to the public! During this conference, we will have a multitude of events geared toward an all-encompassing experience into the world of Spec Ops.

For those with a taste for more high-intensity training, we are also offering additional add-on courses for those who would like to take part in true-to-life scenarios, walk the line, and even get the opportunity to interact with a live grizzly bear (an experience brought to you buy a bear attack survivor and former Navy SEAL).

Located in the heart of Montana, Special Operations Training (or SOT) prides itself on creating an atmosphere focused on practical knowledge. Together with our many instructors, we will take you through a weekend of hands-on and classroom-based courses which will strengthen you as a writer/actor and person.

The majority of our courses will focus on lessons that are only available to those involved and active in the Spec Ops community, so this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss your chance to participate!

The next SOWC (Special Operations Writers’ Conference) will take place on June 12-14, 2020. Registration will open soon!




Hilton Garden Inn in Bozeman, Montana (group rate of $189 per night available for attendees)

➤ Dates

June 12-14, 2020


Special Operations Training
(406) 580-3329

Examples of Conference’s Classes/Topics

Night Operations

Using night vision goggles, you will get the chance to navigate through an obstacle course, all while experiencing what it feels like to be “behind enemy lines.”

HandGUn Training

Yeah, yeah…Everybody calls this something different. Basically though, we all mean one thing—we are going to take you out to the range and light shit up. Be ready to bring your A-game.

k-9 Units

In a once in a lifetime course, our team will take you out with K-9 units trained to complete a variety of tasks. Yes, we have done graveyards and drug searches/seizures. No, we didn’t see ghosts.


Every SOF (Special Operations Force) has their own version of this, so each class will be unique as the instructor at it’s podium. But yeah, when you come to this course you will need to expect to come out of it feeling like you can take on the world (we don’t recommend it, however… At least, not until you get a few more private lessons).


Ever want someone to answer the pressing questions without them knowing you’re getting information? Yeah, we also call this spy-fare; watch yourself in this course, we may learn just about you as you learn from us.

Writing Badasses and Murder

We can’t have a writers’ conference without touching on writing. And though Danica isn’t nearly as cool or as capable of tying knots as the rest of the team, she knows everything about publishing, editing, and writing. If you want to polish your game in business and flaunt your post-conference badass-self in front of editors and agents, she’s the girl who can help you get past the starting gates.


Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.


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